Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Holy shit!!

So sorry I've neglected my poor little blog.. although no one really reads it so it's not a big deal :p

Well I'm settled finally, the new job is great! I wish I had a position that was just full time on-air and no promotions, but you can't always have everything. I have a lot to update about so here we go...

1. Work- The new job is going really well! It's been a major adjustment and a lot of change but I'm getting the hang of it.. I'm on- air on Saturday and Sunday (and I cover for anyone that's away) and Wednesday- Friday I do promotions. About a month after getting here they put me in charge of the promotions department. Pretty funny considering I left my last job to start trying to get a little more into announcing and a little less in promotions. Ohhh well, I'm good at promo and it is a pretty fun gig aside from the major stress and crazy hours. The office I work in, is incredibly nice! There are a couple people I could do without, but that's how every office is. I just keep focused on the good stuff and when it gets bad try to ignore it.

2. Living- Life is good, I unfortunately can't afford Cross-fit anymore, and I miss it pretty much everyday. It had become my outlet, and while I could do it from home, it's just not the same without an instructor like my old one to push me. I'm currently staying with the owners of the station I work with (crazy that they're that kind I know) they are 2 of the most amazing people I've ever met, and their vision for radio is exactly what I think radio should be. It's great!

3.Car- I bought a car!! Yayyyyy!!! I got a 2001 Honda Civic and it's fantastic!! Drives like a dream, is great on gas, just the perfect little car for me, and I got a greatttttt deal on it! :)

4.Boyfriend- No, you're not reading that wrong I said Boyfriend.  I didn't think I'd use that word again anymore than you did. I have a bf, we've been hanging out since shortly after I moved here and on November 9th we made it official.. I'd love to say it's been all roses but it hasn't... He's a phenomenal guy, truly one of the best men I've ever met. He's funny, handsome, sweet, honest, loyal, kind, the list goes on and on. So why has it not been all roses you ask? It's me. I'm still so damn hesitant about caring for someone. He's a little immature and makes honest mistakes with us from lack of experience in a relationship sometimes. Instead of talking about it and trying to be understanding I was throwing up walls and shutting down. I'm so damn good at running it scares me. The first sign of trouble and I just want to bolt. It's how I've been ever since the last serious relationship. For one reason or another though, this one has been able to break through some of those walls, he's the first guy I've let in on a deeper level than fucking in 2 years now, to me that means there's something worth experiencing here. I'll keep you updated :)

I'm off to work... covering evenings this week so I work till midnight every night.. UGH! The good news is tomorrow all on-air shifts go back to normal, and I booked Sunday off so I get a 3 day birthday weekend (my bday's soon) YAY!!!

Must go.. chat soon xo.