Friday, February 8, 2008


So school is driving me CRAZY! There's this girl in my class that I was friends with at one point and well I guess still kind of am, but she's so ditzy and blames the world for her problems i.e. being late EVERY day for class, not studying for tests that are worth 20% of our marks... she just thinks the world should do everything for her and it's making me INSANE! I just want to slap her sometimes!! she's soooo judgemental! always has bad things to say about everyone... I can't handle it!

There's so much stuff due right now! UGH... and I'm doing like 16 hour days ... like it's honestly a waste to even be paying rent! It's just super stressful and the people in the course aren't helping lol... I really just want it all to be done with ... soon I guess....

Jake and I have been bickering a lot lately... it's just so hard when I'm at school all the time (even weekends) we never have time to spend with eachother and when we finally do I'm totally exausted so he's frustrated cause it's almost like he doesn't have a gf anymore I'm sure... I feel bad but school is my priority right now.. so it cause stupid bullshit arguing CONSTANTLY! He's moving here in July though so that should make things a lot easier for next year thankfully. we'll see how it all goes...

Life in general is such a mess... it's wearing me out... I can do it though! I just have to stick to it... after all I have been through a lot worse in life!

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