Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life isn't fair.

I don't understand life.... My bf played on a soccer team for a couple of years and last year I was at pretty much every game he had. Jake played with a man named Tim, Tim's wife was always at the sideline's with me cheering everyone on with me while she watch her son and daughter which were 2 and 4. Well yesterday she passed away. she was diagnosed with acute lukemia last week and then died yesterday. No time to even register what was wrong with her let alone get the time she wanted with her son daughter or 7 month old new addition to the family... I don't understand why life is so easily over. Her children and her husband are absolutely devistated along with everyone that was close to her... This one really hits home with me, I didn't know her that well but she was a sweet heart and it makes me really scared about life and how long I or anyone else actually has....

You'll be missed xo.

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