Thursday, June 19, 2008


So tomorrow I have a specialist appointment with my doc and I'm SUPER nervous!... I'm happy that I'll be seen and that there is a chance that they can figure things out, but it's always nerve racking to go there and have tests done and then have to wait for the results... My fingers are crossed and it should... no, it will be good.

I've been sick over the last few days but I'm feeling much better now, figures since I'm headin to the doctors I'm starting to feel better haha... I started taking my anti biotics on monday and so it's good that they're working! YAY!!! The down side is I haven't been able to work, so unfortunately I'm gonna be BROKE when the next pay check comes in! Boo...

I feel good and I'm trying with everything in me to stay positive. My bf and all my friends have of course been very supportive... I worry sometimes more about how they feel and if they're upset then about how I feel... I love them all very much and hate that I have to put them through this... I really do have great friends though : )

Things with Jake and I have been really steady and consistent lately... I'm really happy about it, the last month or so has been the best we've had in a while... the last time we faught we really layed everything down on the table and were totally open with eachother and it's been a while since we had done that, I feel like as long as we keep communicating and letting eachother know how we feel we'll stay strong and continue to get stronger. He really truely is my best friend and the love of my life. I never want to lose him... it may sound strange but before meeting him, I never believed two people could actually be together for their whole lives happily. Now I feel like he's that person for me... I love him so much!

This past weekend I was an M.C. in Grand Bend for an event called Burgerfest. It was a total blast and totally reassured me in knowing that I'm at school taking the right course for my career! It was nice and sunny and I met new people and of course I got to be up in front of a crowd which I was really pumped up about! I get to M.C. an AARON PRITCHET CONCERT!!! I'm SOOOO excited for that one! If you don't know of him, he's the one that sings the "hold my beer" song... he's a very famous country singer so I'm very very pumped up to do that! Plus it will be in front of a tonne of people... it's in Grand Bend on July 5th! SO EXCITED!!

aside from my getting sick this week things are good... they've been good for a while now and I hope they continue to stay that way, I gotta get to bed though so that I can wake my lazy butt tomorrow and get to the doctors! I'll update soon.


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