Wednesday, August 26, 2009

these last couple weeks.

Have been wierd!

I'm feelin pretty good, definately not sick anymore which is nice.. stupid Tonsils kept acting up for a while there!! I have an appointment to see a doctor that will hopefully take them out soooooon!

I was supposed to go meet up with Jake to talk today finally face to face for the first time since the break up. But his game got cancelled last night and moved to tonight so it's now a no go.. Can't say I'm overly surprised... I'm kind of bummed but I'm also relieved.. I was scared to see him. Scared it would just bring everything back up again.

These last couple weeks have just been kind of odd with my feelings about him... for the most part I try not to think about him, but for some reason I think of him everyday. I miss him. I'm not sure why I do, but I do. Takes time to get over someone but I feel like I'm not getting over or past him I'm stuck feeling the way I have the entire time. It blows! That's why I was looking forward to talking to him, seeing him and being able to actually talk in a civil manner will help things change. I don't know if it will be in a good way or a bad way but I just can't keep sitting around feeling like I do right now.

Tonight one of my girl's up here is having a pool party to celebrate her 21st birthday :) I'm excited! It should be good times... and a couple weeks ago I met a guy named Shawn, he's super cool and he plays guitar :) he's supposed to come out and it'll be good to see him along with everyone else and just party.

Aside from the break up summer 09 has actually been one of my best summers yet... I've had tones of beach days, weddings, parties, new people, new great friends... I need to start appreciating that stuff more!!

I'm outta here time to shower and tidy this apartment!!!

x o x

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Stephie J said...

Glad things are looking up for you. Good friends are hard to find.

So glad I found you :)