Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Changes lay ahead.

I found out Friday that my job contract won't be renewed so it's time to make some serious decisions. After thinking a lot about it I've decided that I'm going to Florida at the end of October. Don't know when I'll be back... don't know where I'll end up... but I'm leaving.

I need to get out of this place... Everyday I hear something about him... something about what he's done. who he's done. what's new in his life... and everyday, literally every day I still miss him.

I'm gonna go to Florida, get myself right, and then come back me again. when I come back I'll be able to deal with my problems. I'm just so depressed... I've had thoughts that no one should ever have and I am not myself. I hope going away will allow me to get things in check and I'll come back a stronger more put together person able to deal with everything that I'm leaving behind.

Big Changes Lay Ahead... I hope that I'm ready !


Stephie J said...

I should come to florida and visit you:D!!!! hehehe

Its a good decision for you

Channie said...

Yes you should!!! A million times! it's soooo super cheap to fly out!