Sunday, December 6, 2009

There's no place like home.

Wellll I'm back in the country :)

Feels good to be back home... I have my kitty and my friends and my fam and I'm feeling good :)

I've got a week full of plans so tonight is really the only night I have to just chill and do nothin so I'm taking advantage :)

Going to get my stuff from heartbreaker... I wrote him a letter last night.. it's like 7 pages.. explained exactly how I feel... and I told him it's my last attempt at getting his forgiveness... I'm making progress with my life.. I'm changing... every aspect of my life is so good right now except for my situation with him... so I said he either forgives me or it's over.. no if's ands or buts about it.. I can't do it anymore... reliving this shit constanstly is too much.. so I'm going to get my stuff.. we're gonna go to the gym and have dinner.. then I'm gonna give him the letter and leave.. that's that.. it will be nice to have one last night with him... and hopefully he wants to be with me but if he doesn't I'm ready to let go.. I can't keep hurting myself or letting him hurt me anymore..

Going out for dinner with my wife Stephie :) it's my bday wednesday so we're going to celebrate :) I'm soooooo pumped to see her!! Never EVER want to go a whole month without her again!! EVURRRRRRR! lol

Birthday dinner with daddo and Mel <3 super excited for that.. haven't had bday dinner with daddo in ages!!! then I'm off to Barrie for a few days..

Gonna chill with TL and visit all my friends/ co-workers in Barrie <3 should be good times :)

Chillin with TL again then havin my barrie bday party Friday night :) :) :) :)

Bday party number 2 in Toronto!! Should be goooooooood times!! :) :) :) :) :)

Dinner at my mom's possibly... and hoping I'm not dead from alcohol poisoning bahahah

Feels good to be home :) I should get to unpackin though so I'm outta here :)

Talk soon! xo

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