Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 = MY year!!

I decided on new years eve that 2010 would be all about me and what I want and need... I decided I was going to stop putting my wants and needs and feelings on the back burner and so far so good...

Mister and I are back together... it's official! Happened on the 3rd :) I couldn't be happier! I love him very much and I'm glad that we're working through things!!

Stephie and I hang out at least 2 times a week and I LOVE it!! my wifey is the shit!! we watched the sound of music the other night and did facails and our nails and had a sleep over!!! ** How do you solve a problem like mariaaaaaa** hahaha.. Love her!!

Daddo and I are still gettin along well although we had a pretty rough argument last night.. things can't always be perfect though so it's ok. we'll get past it...

2 things I'm leavin in 2009 "Whatever" and "I'm over it"
I need to be honest about how I feel.

Talk soon :)

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