Monday, April 25, 2011

Whoaaa Slacker!!

I've been soooo super busy and running around like crazy that I've been slacking on here! Ooops!!

Not too much to update... I've been looking for a car... I'm thinking just a used one to hold me over until I move or whatever it is I'm gonna do out here.... I still have no idea lol

I've met a new guy... we'll call him J for short... he's literally a male version of me... passionate about radio, same silly sense of humor, happy-go-lucky, and I find I can read him like a book and he can read me just as easily... I've never met a guy that can read me and understand me the way he can... I'm trying not to think about it and I'm trying to NOT do the typical Chantelle thing and get involved too quickly... it's just so hard with me.. I'm the type of girl that doesn't fall for or let a guy in easily, but when I do I do it 100%... which can end up absolutely amazing or a complete disaster... and there really is no in between... so I'm trying really hard to stay calm and be level headed about it all...

I'm going to count on the help of my friends a lot with this one I think... Girlies and Guys... don't hate me if I'm constantly talking about it... I need your support!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! I was missing my nan and paps and the rest of the fam... they were all at the cottage together for dinner and a weekend together... I was super jealous... I can't wait until I can visit home again... Although I'm really starting to love my life out here, I will always miss home and all the amazing people I have there! The highlight of the day yesterday was Stephie calling to wish me a happy Easter! I love that her and her family think of me on holidays and stuff, it makes me feel so important  :)

Have a happy Monday all! Let's hope I can stay strong!