Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I am so overwhelmed at school right now! so much is due and I just missed two full weeks of school so I'm totally behind... I was in the hospital agian (stupid kidney) I was worse then I've ever been before... but they're semi figuring it out so hopefully they can have me fixed at some point.... it scares me!... either way I'm totally burried in work... but I'm catching up... I can do it!

being sick totally sucked and spending a shit load of time in the hospital sucked even more! You can't sleep, the food is gross and they're constantly poking you with needles... on top of the fact that you're already sick... oh well I'm just glad it's over and I'm back to school agian... believe it or not I actually missed it..

I miss my best friend!! she lives 4 hours away ever since we went off to different colleges and it sucks! we used to be attached at the hip but now we barely ever see eachother!! I'm hoping to go up to visit her soon and well really school's out in 3 weeks and then she'll be back at home which is like 40 mins from me so that'll be sweet!

My bf's movin to my town!!!!! : ) I'm so pumped to have him close to me versus 3 hours away! we aren't gonna live together obviously because it's just too soon but we will get to see eachother a hell of a lot more so I'm excited!

I've been feelin kinda down today and I'm not really sure why... just an off day I guess.. on top of being shit on all week with assignments... I'm just tired I guess...

well I'm gonna go make me some supper so I'll talk to ya soon!

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