Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life... hmm

Well, my specialist appointment was really nothing but disapointment. My body isn't getting better, in fact I was told that I just "have to deal with it"... Great! ... I have a few appointments coming up over the next few months and they'll determine weather I'm elligable for surgery or not. I really hope so because with the operation it will make the infections a little more manageable... *fingers crossed*

Aside from that, I've been lookin back on life lately... the mistakes I've made, the people I've hurt and that have hurt me, the lies I've told and been told, the things I'm so proud I've accomplished and the things I'm not so proud of.... I've had a pretty rock road... things haven't really come easy to me... but I've learned that the thing in life is ... it always moves on... things have a way of working out maybe not the way you hope but it still always works out... I've always tried to have control of my life... always tried to make sure I know what's happening when and why and so on... I've slowly learned... wheather I like it or not it goes on and so do the people around me... maybe it's time to let go and stop worrying so much...

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youve been tagged!!! Check out my blog for details!