Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well it's official! I am good to go for surgery! I meet my surgeon on October 10th and from there we set a date for the operation... Half of me is super excited and the other half of me is very apprehensive. It's going to take about 2 weeks to recover which means I miss school and I will still be getting sick afterwards it just won't be as severe each month as it has been so far... so it's great news for sure but of course I'm nervous.

Jake is excited, already wants to book time off work to come take care of me after haha.. he's so cute that way... I love him very much! Things have stayed really good with him lately and that makes me feel really really good...

My friend Steph is going through a really harsh break up right now... I hope she can pull through... Her bf basically cheated on her on a dating website... Piece of shit bf for sure! She deserves some one so much better then him and some one that will treat her right and it drives me NUTS that she forgives him when he's such an asshole! ... I'm here for her of course either way... I know she'll be ok!

Works been busy and I'm makin lots of sales which is good,... everyone comes back in a couple of weeks and I'm so ahead of them now from being here all summer that I feel like it's just gonna be a giant shit show of people that have no idea what they're doing... we'll see though haha...

well I'm outta here... I'm technically supposed to be working right now anyways so I'll talk to you later!

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Stephie J said...

Hi Chantelle, good to hear from you.

Please don't tell anyone about this blog. Id like it to remain top secret!