Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life is gooooood

I'm having a bit of an off night... Had a great time with Stephie tonight watching pitsburg send the sens golfing :) Don't like pitsburg but hate the sens MUCH more lol..

But I lay here getting ready to hit sleep cause I have to work tomorrow and I miss my bf... and part of me still somewhere wonders if he's really up to what he tells me he is... the good thing is most of me KNOWS he's where he says he is... just somewhere deep in there there's still a little voice that doesn't want to let me forget the things that have happened and the pain I have felt... it's time for me to figure out how to move forward.

He told me the other night he fully trusts me again and that's HUGE for me... and great news :) means that I'm proving through my actions the way I want to be and that makes me happy... I have changed a lot but still remain the girl for him and I know in my heart he's the one for me.. just gotta keep goin with the flow ... time really is a huge factor in the way things happen and heal.

The more I think the more I realise every relationship is all about growth... it isn't the good times that show us where our relationships stand but rather the bad times that force us to prove to eachother that we truely want to be a part of the relationship. It's the tests that prove it's good bad or ugly...

Jake and I have come through so much... if we keep trying and continue to allow ourselves to love eachother I think we'll be just fine :)

hmm... time for sleep now..

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