Monday, December 17, 2007

My 19th!

Everyone wants thier 19th birthday to be the party that no one forgets... I don't know about no one forgetting my 19th but I know I sure as hell won't! haha..

it started off with pre drinks at my place... I had Steph my Best friend, Jazz another best friend, Karen a total sweet heart and good friend that I haven't seen in forever, her bf Matt who seems awesome, Jake my hubby : ), and Mike Jake's best friend.... so we all started to get tipsy and stand around and chat about good times and how much we miss eachother (where it applies haha) and all is awesome... so we treck in the freezing cold (me being dumb am in a dress haha but man I looked good : P ) we get to the bus stop a dooby and a drink later and we wait for like 20 FREAKING minutes and then hop on the bus and too the bar we go!

We get to the bar and find a table for ourselves and that's about the last really CLEAR moment I remember haha... I got drink after drink from my awesome friends and shot after shot from them too... hell I was gettin them from people I didn't even know.. haha a few other people showed up and we were all breakin it down on the dance floor... so we drink we dance and we drink and we dance...

At around 1 or so.. (I think)... I go to the washroom singin to myself " go shawty it's my birthday , it's my birthday, we gonna party cause it's my birthday." and 2 chicks were in the washroom.. they turn and look at me and the one goes "who gives a FUCK if it's your birthday!".. being as HAMMERED as I was, I nicely replied with "what the FUCK is your problem!?"... I brush it off and go to the stall where I start goin to the washroom, as I do the two girls stand on the toilet in the stall next to mine, lean over the top and start pouring water on my head and throwing toilet paper and rolls at my head... calling me the one word that makes me snap... Cunt. I kindly warned them to stop and fuck off or they would be sorry so they got down and I assumed they had went away... I finish what I was doing and I walked out of the stall and the first girl comes at me trying to punch me so I turned and kinda threw her and she ended up smashing her face off the counter.. instantly gets two black eyes and her nose starts bleeding EVERYWHERE! her friend sees this and decides she wants to come at me too so I grabbed her by the back of the head and smashed her face off the counter ... I then walked out and tried to play off like nothing happened... they both came running out bleeding pointing right at me... needless to say.. I got "removed" from the bar hahaha....

We get in the cab and I spend the cab ride home crying because I felt sooo bad for what I did to those girls... my friends and bf convince me to stop worrying and that they deserved it... so I get over it.(the truth is they didn't deserve to get hurt, but I was drunk and angry and well now they'll never do it agian... )

So we head back to my place and pretty much as soon as I got here I started to hurl.. ahah.... but apparently I was makin people laugh and I was fun to take care of so it's alll good haha...

All I know is it was totally awesome to see my friends, I got kick ass gifts from Steph, Mike, Jake and Jazz, and it was a night I'll never forget! I'm so glad it went well!!


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