Thursday, December 6, 2007


WOW..... School is so TOTALLY overwhelming right now! ... I have had literally a total of 9 hours of sleep since monday... THAT'S INSANE!... it's just that as soon as I get something finished there's something else to do or there's an exam to study for... I had an exam today.. I'm pretty sure I COMEPLETELY bombed it... : ( ... that means that I failed the course ... I dunno, I was away for so many days this semester that I don't know a lot of the stuff that's been on the exams and it's frustrating!!! If I was away because I was skipping or something that's my own fault then it wouldn't be so frustrating because it would be my own fault and my own consequence to deal with. but I was sick!! I can't help that!!....

I guess we'll see how I do and hopefully it's good!!!

Ugh I can't wait till this is all done and I can just crash!

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