Friday, June 19, 2009

Doritos and 7up

I came back home tonight.. I was staying with my grandparents cause I had my graduation and didn't want to drive all the way back from the school the same day that I drove there... It was a decent drive.. I went into work and had a pretty good shift... The guy that trained me at my job is pretty funny and he's super sarcastic so it's always fun to joke around with him for the first hour that I'm there before I take over his shift... Then after work I went and hung out with Courtney (a guy I work with) ... was good times... played xbox ate doritos and drank 7up.

I haven't seen the man much this week... want my space for a while to try to get some shit straight in my head... the more I'm away from him the more I miss him though... That's a good sign right? I love him very much ... it's just so wierd because now that I'm 4 hours from him and my career and everything is changing sometimes I feel like I'm holding myself back from giving this job and place my all because if I don't hold back I might loose him.

I always promised myself I would never be a workaholic and I would always put my life first and now all of the sudden I'm putting a job before my relationship of almost 3 years!

What is wrong with me?

: (

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Stephie J said...

Hun. NOTHING is wrong with you... except the fact that youre a freak!! bahahahah BUT I WOULDNT LOVE YOU IF YOU WERENT!!


Focus on your career.. if Jake wants to make it work.. he will make the step to also make it work.

He needs to try to find a job in Barrie.. he needs to get his ass here and apply for some jobs.. fuck.. tell him to get a job as a freakin dishwasher.. anything to be closer to you.. and to make your relationship work.

If he isnt willing to do that then hes basically turning his back on your relationship.. and trust me girl.. anyone who turns their back on you isnt worth your time.. even after 3 years..