Wednesday, June 17, 2009


If there's one thing I ever wanted more then anything so far in my life. It was to graduate. I wanted to prove to myself and to those at my school that were against me that I could do it.

Yesterday, after a million mini disasters, spending an hour and a half on my hair, after panicing over how dad wasn't coming and my man wasn't going to find his way there on time... with a bright red gown on and a HUGE smile on my face I walked onto a stage excited and anxious and walked off it a COLLEGE GRADUATE. My god. NOTHING has ever felt so satisfying and fulfilling as recieving that diploma and certificate that says I completed two of the hardest years of my ENTIRE life.

Any negative feelings that I used to have towards people that were there are gone because despite the fact that they wanted me to loose. I won.

For the first time in a LONG time, I'm proud of myself. That means more then I think most can understand for what I've come from.

My mom and dad didn't show (surprise surprise) dad was sick and mom had to work .. but my Nana Papa and Man were there and they are the ones that carried me through all the hard times in that place so I didn't need anyone else to be there.



Stephie J said...

So proud of you hun!!!

Channie said...

aww thanks stephie : )