Sunday, June 21, 2009

At work workin..

Or at least supposed to be heh..

My job has a lot of downtime in between air times so I decided I would come on here and empty my brain for a minute with what's up in my life..

I'm stayin in town this week for the first time in a month now... I've had things to go back home for every week but not this week... it's gonna be wierd I'm sure but I've promised myself that I WILL get EVERYTHING unpacked... ya I know you're thinking "you've been there for 2 full months why the hell aren't you unpacked yet?!"

Well let's just say I was holding on to some things a little too tight back home... I know now that it's time to let go.

so I'll get everything unpacked at home and hopefully it'll start to feel a little more like it is home... cause it sure doesn't right now.

I'm so stuck with things right now.. half of me SCREAMS go back home while the other half PLEADS with me to stay...

I love my job.. I would never be happy in a different career... but I love my life and friends back home and miss it dearly...

I'm here so I'm obviously going to stay and my hope is that all will fall in a way that will make me and others that I care about happy as well.. seems sorta impossible right now though..

If there's one thing I've learned in life it's that everything and I mean EVERYTHING always works out in the end.... maybe not exactly how you planned it or once hoped it would but it works out non the less.


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Stephie J said...

So true babe!! Look at us. There were times when I thought i never wanted to talk to u again!! hahah and reffered to you as "that bitch" ... yeah.. we both were like that!! That was yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrs ago tho!!

Now Im happier than ever to consider you one of my best friends.. the distance between us changes nothing!!! You will always be a huge part of my life.. and I know that I always have someone who is there for me 24 hours a day.. and you have that with me.

Always here for you girl!!!

Love you