Friday, July 3, 2009

A shattered heart.

Man this break up has been the hardest one I've ever gone through... I don't know if it's cause he was the first guy I ever wanted to marry... If it's cause he was the first guy I ever lived with.. or if it's because he's the person I'm suposed to spend my life with...

The day we broke up he went to London to see another girl.. went and saw fireworks with her... then the next day went to the gym with another girl... How can he be over it that quickly?... I don't think he's over it I think he's trying to make his hurt disapear by getting back at me... Well I hope it's working for him cause it's fucking killing me inside.

I've never felt so hurt in my life... never felt so alone... never felt so embarrassed and ashamed..

He hates me for what I've done... I can't blame him for that But I feel like if he really loved me he would trying to find ways to make it work out not ways to get even with me.

So heart broken :(

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