Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunsets and broken dreams

Ever walk along the beach close to the water and watch behind you?

As you walk with one or two washes of waves your foot prints are gone... no one will know you were there except for the people close to you.. you just wash away...

In so many ways I feel like that's what life is like... all it takes is something simple. A car accident... being in the wrong place at the wrong time... or even just you weren't supposed to be here long... and your life is washed away.

If I die tomorrow, I would regret what I've done, regret things that I've said, and miss EVERYONE terribly.

If I die tomorrow, I'd be happy with what I've accomplished, happy with terms I'm on with my family finally.

IF I died tomorrow, I think there are many things I would want to take back.

It's definately time for me to change... before it's too late.

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