Friday, October 30, 2009

hello hello!

it's been a while!

I'm back home now... lovin it surprisingly... still workin construction and I really like it.. it's hard and I get wierd looks a lot because I'm a girl but it's a good job, it's hard work and I'm always learning something new. not to mention it's $$$$$$$ : )

You know who and I have been hangin out a LOT lately... I saw him twice last week and then this week we've hung out twice already and I'm goin there tonight... I leave for Florida next week though so we're havin our last visit tonight... his family will be home tonight though so it's gonna be wierd to see them... till this point I've only told a couple people that we've been hanging out and he's only told a couple as well... we'll see.. right now we're still just staying friends... feeling things out.. he needs me to prove to him I'm different and I think I am. we'll see what happens. it's all pretty confusing but believe it or not it's less confusing now then it was before and I'm hurting a lot less... fingers are crossed!

I leave for Florida next week EEEEEEEEEE :) :) :) :) Soooooo excited!! I'm excited for warm sunshine, golf, gettin a nice tan and most of all and entire month with my nan who is my hero!!! and my papa who's my inspiration!!! I'm going to write a letter to myself everyday that I'm there... just write whatever comes to mind. I'm trying to get myself and my feelings sorted out and I feel like being away from everything I know and am familliar with will help me see what I need to see without outside influences... wish me luck!!

I hung out with my wifey stephie on wednesday night for the first time in soooo long!! We hang out but usually it's only for like an hour or so because we both have very busy lives.. but we went out for supper and then get super baked lol and rapped to biggie plus sang our love songs ANIMALLL!!! lol... then watched the hills... it was really good to see her and have time to really talk and listen to her. I missed her very much!! I'll miss you while I'm gone mostest stephie!!! xo

Well I'm outta here... gotta tidy up and get some laundry goin, plus have a shower and what not before I head to jake's soccer game... ya I'm goin to his soccer game... and ya I know.. I'm an idiot lol.

talk soon! xo

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