Saturday, October 17, 2009

I've lost all faith in men.

I had car troubles yesterday so got stuck at my place and couldn't go to my best girlie's birthday party I was pretty bummed out and I was all alone packing my apartment up so my friend Brit that doesn't live to far away came and got me and we went out to the bar and had a couple drinks... honestly I'm pretty sure that every douche bag that exsists in the world we ran into last night.

Impolite, spoke like disgusting pigs about girls, were rude, just brutal.. last night I realised how men truely are. I can't believe it. It breaks my heart. It's sad to see that it's basically encouraged for men to act like pricks and treat girls like shit... ya really cool! AWESOME :)

I went out with Jake last wednesday... we had a good night fun as always, but then we ended up making out for like half an hour... STUPID CHANTELLE STUPID!!!!! I knew it was stupid.. I knew I shouldn't.. but I love him so much, when he grabbed me and pulled me in I couldn't help but kiss him.. I didn't want to pull away. I miss him so much.

He doesn't have his cell for the weekend so I sent him a message over fb, I can tell he's been on, he's written on friend's walls and what not but he's not responding to my message... I feel like some crazy stalker or something I'm so stupid for letting him back into my life. So stupid for not just letting it because now I've put myself in a situation where chances are I'm just going to get hurt all over again.


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