Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Changes before 2012...

1) Stop getting soooo upset when things go wrong... take a minute and think about it... then react

2) BE QUIET! I'm always too loud and it's probably embarassing for those that are friends with me and annoying

3) Stop correcting people... so they said May 5th when it is really May 6th... It really doesn't matter!

4) Get thicker skin... it's ok to make mistakes... it's not the end of the world that not EVERYONE likes me... some people just don't get along.

5) Shut the fuck up... Listen... observe... only speak when I have something worthwhile to say.., Don't talk just to talk!!

Those are 5 things I need to make a solid effort to change... it will help me, my career, and my relationships with people.

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