Monday, February 28, 2011

Sick?? Again?? WTF???

Since I got out here I'm sick like once a month!! it's RIDICULOUS! I'm pretty sure I have strep throat :( UGHHHHHH.. it hurts to swallow... turn my head... breathe... shit it even hurts to blink!! I think it's cause my Roomate works at an elementary school... he's always bringin diseases home!! hahaha

Today's Trade Deadline... since I work for an all sports talk station and a rock station that's a pretty big deal! We're live on location all day, so I'm gonna head down there around noon to hang out and hand out free stuff :) I hope people aren't scared of me and my disease! hahaha.. For weeks now we've been working on the new layout of the site for today... we changed the background... we had a clock... an announcement board... totally different then it normally is... get in this morning and OF COURSE there's tech problems at head office so Astral sites Canada wide are down. Of course on the busiest day of the year for our sports station... the one day that we get more hits as an AM stations then FM stations do, we have no website to drive them too at this point... swellllllllll ... lol.

Well at least I'm laughing about it... it's just one of those funny days where nothing works... what else can ya do?

Hope everyone's having a better Monday then mine hahahaha

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