Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not too much ...

There isn't a whole lot new or exciting with me..

Had a big work event last night that went really well! Everyone had a lot of fun and there wasn't any major hiccups! Very rare to have no hiccups in the world of promotions.

I've been feeling pretty good... Missing home today.. but those days happen a lot... less and less the longer I'm here, but when they hit it's always in full force..

I've been playing a lot and writing so much lately ... Show's one of my best girl friends out here and she's gonna help me record some of my stuff in the studios so I can send a couple songs to my daddoh for father's day :)

It's funny, when you remove yourself from everything you're comfortable with and everything you know, you're forced to take a really hard look at yourself... and it's pretty harsh because there's no one around that truly knows you the way the people you left behind do.. There's no one around to tell you how far you've come or how good you're doing... Only new people who are all too quick and comfortable with pointing out your flaws... I've had a tough time with that..It makes things hurt a lot more than they should, it makes successes much more enjoyable, and it makes failures much harder to swallow...  it's inspired a lot of writing for me.

I've started missing being in a relationship.. I was talking to one of my bestohs from back home last week about it... it's a very strange feeling for me, I've been so happy alone, having so much fun and didn't ever want one again.. then all of the sudden the past couple weeks I've wanted it again.. I've missed it.. and started thinking maybe I'm ready to let my heart feel again... J stirred something in me I forgot existed. I don't want to be with him or anything... just realized how it feels to feel again... if that makes sense?

I've spent a lot of time hiding from feelings... a guy gets too close and I split... come up with excuses or reasons why it never would have worked... I think it's time I just let things happen the way they're supposed to. :)

Well that's my insight for the day loves! Have a happy Sunny Sunday :) xo

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