Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy :)

Life is good, and now that it is I find it hard to find things to blog about... weird how when you're head's cluttered with negativity it's so much easier to write and release.. my release now is Crossfit.. I had an amazing work out Saturday (Killed myself for 3 hours becuase I was super frustrated with some things) and again yesterday had a great work out at home.. it feels good to have a positive outlet in my life. My muscles kill but it's an awesome reminder that I'm changing and growing.

"Pain is temporary. Quitting is forever."

The more I stick to this the more I see how I'm growing physically, but also emotionally. I'm more rational, I feel more stable, I have a clear conscience and mind. I feel stronger and better all around and it's a great feeling.

Dreamy and I are "dating".. we've agreed we both wanna take it slow, no expectations, just have fun with eachother and let it be what it is.. it almost all ended on Saturday. He told me he could see me as a girlfriend "eventually" but that he wasn't looking that far into the future. I told him that maybe we were just better off as friends then. He called later that night saying that he has feelings for me and he wants me in his life and that he doesn't want to be just friends. I feel the same, and I'm not sure I'm necesarily ready for him to be my "boyfriend" but I like dating him and having him around, and we've agreed that we won't see anyone else while we feel this out. :) What more can I ask for? The thought of commitment scares the shit outta me!! The only commitment I've made here is for him to be the only guy I see for now.. if I change my mind about that or if he changes his mind, we can talk about it then. Much easier than the pressure others put on themselves.

I got a call from a station an hour and a bit away from here, asking me how I would feel about an on-air/promotions combination..I told him if the money's enough for me to survive I would LOVE the opportunity.. now I wait to see what comes of it :) I'll hear from them sometime this week and I'm stoked about it!

Things are going my way, and I'm super thankful for it... I don't have the time for negative shit in my life, either you're on my side or you're not. I don't have the headspace for negativity anymore. When things get negative I drop them, I learned that lesson this weekend with Dreamy. It sucked but I went to crossfit and felt comfortable just letting it be.

New Channie? She's my favourite so far!

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