Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I just might throw up...

HOLY!!! I got a call yesterday with a job offer... sent off my resignation letter and away I am about to go...

What the fuck just happened? Pardon??

My last day here is next Friday and then it's off to a new job which will be on-air, and promotions combined to make a full time job :)

My second in the industry since leaving school just over 2 years ago.. holy man how time flies!!

I feel excited, happy, pumped, stressed, and like I just might throw up all at once! haha

I will miss everyone I work with, some more than others, but I'll still miss them none the less. I wish this company great success in the future and hope that I can be a part of their team again one day.

I live for challenges and adventure.. Let's start a new chapter!! :)

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Stephie J said...

You're going to have quite the journey ahead of you :) Make it great my love <3