Thursday, September 8, 2011

When you want success as bad as you want to breathe-

You'll be successful.

This quote struck me with resonating power this morning.

it comes from a story that goes like this.

One day a young man told an old retired man who had been very successful in his life that he wanted to be as successful as the old man.

The old man said "son, meet me at the beach first thing tomorrow morning and I'll teach you the secret of success"

The young man showed up the next morning at the beach in his best suit.

The old man chuckled and said "you should have worn shorts."

The old man then said "now, follow me." and began to walk into the water.

They walked out a ways and the young man said "I want to learn how to be successful, not ruin one of my best suits"

"You asked to learn the secret of success. Keep walking" the old man replied.

He walked a little further and stopped again "I think I'm going to go back in. This is ridiculous!" the young man said.

"You want success. Keep walking. Just a little further."

The young man did as he was told and once again started doubting as the water was getting up past his belly button.

Finally the old man stopped ahead of him and said "Just a little further"

Once the young man was out where the older man was, the older man grabbed him, pushed him under the water and held him there. Held him there for a long time. He held the young man under until he was almost entirely out of breath.

He finally released the young man who immediately jumped up and began to gasp for air.

The old man said "Now, when you want success as bad as you just wanted to breathe, you will be successful. When you want success more than you want to sleep, you will be successful. When you want success more than you want to party, more than you want a girlfriend, more than you want anything, you WILL be successful."

I have always wanted success more than anything in my life. I have always had a burning desire to be something greater than I am. To be better than the low lifes in my family. To be as successful as my grandparents. This story is how I feel everyday, and I think it's why I've made it as far as I have, and why I've been as strong as I have.

YOU are human, YOU have the resolve to have everything you've ever dreamed, all you HAVE to do, is WANT it, as bad as you want to breathe everyday.

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