Monday, March 21, 2011

feeling better

Sorry for my minor melt down last week... 22 funerals in 5 years was enough to make me snap... I'm getting past it though.. I understand that death is a part of life.. it's just a difficult topic and a difficult thing to deal with.. especially since I'm away from home for this new job.. ohhh well.. I'll get over it..

So I was chatting with a new guy that I wanted to get to know a little more.. we were supposed to have our first date on Friday but I wasn't in a mood to really meet someone new with all that's been going on so I cancelled and told him I had decided to go out with some close friends to deal with the recent loss... well he SNAPPED... Told me I'm playing games, and just looking for a reason to not hang out with him.. I explained that the way I deal with death is by going out with friends getting drunk and reminising about that person and of course tears... lots and lots of tears.. he said fine and I thought we were over it... well then last night he texted me asking if I wanted to hang out.. I was already in pjs watching the apprentice with my roomie so I wasn't in the mood to get ready and go anywhere so I said that another night would be better... one of my close friends from back home called me and I started chatting with him and we got to talking about Steve and all of the sudden my call with him turned into a half hour conversation... I get off the phone to SIX text messages from this guy.. saying things like "I feel like something's off here" "If you don't want to hang out there's no hard feelings" " I don't get why you're ignoring me" etc... as I'm responding the fucking guy CALLS me!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! Needy much?!?!?!?

I picked up and explained to him that I was on the phone and that's why I wasn't responding and that for now with what I'm dealing with I don't really have any interest in hanging out with anyone new because I'm now in a debate with myself about weather or not I should go home (I've since decided I'm sticking it out, out here) and he responds with "well that's a subtle way to blow me off.. you could've just told me you aren't interested in hanging out" .... UMMMMM ... DID THIS GUY HEAR A SINGLE WORD I'VE BEEN SAYING TO HIM!?!? my god!! This is why I don't date! Men think WE are the ones that are complicated?? This guy is more needy then my 9 year old cousin! Onnnnn to the next one.

Well I should get back to work.. I'm slackin! hahaha

Talk soon Loves :)


Stephie J said...

who is this guy? WOW!

How come I dont know any of these things you write about? :(

Channie said...

He's a losssseerrrrr! and I dunno.. cause we don't talk about everything allll the time haha.. I don't know a lot about you too missy moo!