Friday, March 4, 2011


I'm grumpy when I'm sick (reference March 1st post eek!)
still sick but feeling better... I'm just preparing for a big meeting I have at 11 this morning... I'm exciteddd! big things are planned and happening here :)

Not much planned for the weekend... layin low trying to get better and probably have a little fun with Ontario Man... what else is new :p lol ... I wonder how everything is going to pan out with him... You guys all know what I went through with the ex (lover boy) you went through the journey with me on here... YIKES... since then I have had NO desire what so ever to get involved with anyone... so I've kept a comfortable distance from all men and that's the way I like it... O.M. is the first guy I've let get as close as I have... it's NOT a relationship and it WON'T be one either.. But it's nice to know I have someone I can go cuddle up to and watch a movie with when I feel as shitty... or someone to listen to me when I overreact like I do... He's a great friend and someone I'll be friends with for the rest of my life but it's a unique friendship... everyone says fuck friends don't work... I've been waiting for almost 3 months now for it to "not work" seems pretty good to me so far... too good to be true maybe? ... We'll see.

I hope you guys have a great weekend :)


Barry said...

Channie, you're amazing.

I want that to be the first thing I ever say to you, because your comment on my "Moments" post not only made my day but became one of the very things I was writing about. One of those moments that leave me speechless.

Your story is tremendously heartwarming, hopeful. You brought it to me unexpectedly, a vibrant rainbow hanging above the mist of my daily routine.

I'd like to ask your permission to present your comment as a post all its own on my blog, a follow-up to my last entry. What do you think?

Channie said...

For sure :) I have no problem with that at all.. I think it's a story that is meant to be shared! I had no idea I was making any impact... since the note I make sure to never leave an upset stranger alone unless they ask me to :)

Channie said...