Monday, August 15, 2011


Those who know me well know I'm a guys girl... I'm a beer drinking, smoking, loud mouth, who laughs at inapropriate things, loves sports, loves everything outdoors, HATES shopping, and is completely clueless when it comes to being girly..

This weekend all of the sudden I turned into this domesticated susie home maker!! before moving out here I was tidy but my room was always a mess... since moving here I've turned into a bit of a neat freak... I literally spent my weekend cleaning EVERYTHING in my house from top to bottom, I went shopping and bought some clothes, I baked muffins, I went grocery shopping, AND I got alllll of my laundry done in one day (first time in my life I've done it all in a day)... WTF!?!? I have no idea what got into me or why... I was back to normal yesterday though, drinkin beer on the deck in the sunshine with some friends so I'm not TOOOO scared hahaha.. it was a really nice weekend and it feels great to have a clean house now that my messy roomie is going away for a few weeks..

Houdini was texting me NON STOP this weekend.. I didn't respond to any of them and he just wouldn't let up... finally last night I got a text that said "Can we talk in person? Just go for a coffee with me Chantelle. Please." ... I texted back asking what he could possibly want to talk about... I mean I haven't seen him in almost 3 weeks now since he showed up at my door in the middle of the night apologizing for how he's been... he said he just wants to explain the thought process in his mind and why he's been acting the way he has... so I'm gonna go for it.. I'm going to go, I'm going to demand answers and figure out what the fuck has been going through his mind... Once I have answers, I'll stop thinking about it so damn much and move on with a new friend.

My sister's not doing so well.. she's at ease and happy with my nan.. but of course she's upset.. I hate that she's going through the same pain that I did at her age.. I used to shelter her from that and keep her happy and safe. Now that I'm out here I can't do that and it breaks my heart.. I know she'll pull through. The problem is, she's so much like her mother she's making the same mistakes her mother has spent so many years making... I'm afraid she's her own worst enemy right now and she's a little too old to blame it on being a "teenager" anymore.

My brother found a new job and I'm super happy for him! He's such a dedicated kid!! Loses his job and less than a week later already has a new one?? I'm glad he at least learned how to work hard! :)

Mom's still a wreck.. but that's just mom.. she's always been manic... this is one of her down swings.. .all I can do is be there for her to listen to her and love her.. she'll pull through...

Work is getting crazy... the biggest station event of the year happens next Tuesday and I've been in charge of every single aspect of it.. I"m PRAYING that it all goes off without a hitch... I'm literally having nightmares about it every night hahaha..

that's all from me today.. hope everyone is spectacular :)

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